An introduction to the Italian gas and power markets

Moltrasio, Lake Como

25-26 September 2017


The Italian gas and power markets are becoming more exposed to the trends affecting markets across Europe but Italy’s unique circumstances continue to set it apart.

This seminar will look at


  • The Italian market context
  • Traditional market dynamics and price drivers
  • Recent market and regulatory developments


…and assess the prospects for the markets over the next 12-18 months


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Energy Transition – impact, opportunities and risks

Moltrasio, Lake Como, 22 September 2017

 Decarbonisation policies enshrined in the Paris Agreement and falling renewable energy, electric vehicle and power storage costs made Energy Transition the catchphrase of 2016,

But how fast and to what extent will transition occur?

Alba Soluzioni’s Energy Transition workshop will look at

  • The technology developments and issues driving transition
  • The regulatory groundwork being laid in the EU Energy Union
  • The potential impact of growing solar, storage and demand response on

                °         wholesale market residual power demand

                °         power price seasonality

                °         power price volatility

                °         residual flexibility requirements

                °         gas demand 

 Venue: Hotel Imperiale Moltrasio, Moltrasio


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