GeEO Indices

Historical values of the PSV Alba Soluzioni index

The Alba Soluzioni PSV index means the average of the Mid prices of the daily PSV Gas prices for the reference month published in the weekly Gas and Electricity bulletin Oggi drawn up by Alba Soluzioni, using the Day Ahead value for working days and the Weekend value for non-working days.

Established in 2005, Alba Soluzioni, based in Milan, was the first company to provide price estimates for the wholesale PSV gas and electricity markets in Italy. Alba Soluzioni estimates are processed at 4.30pm CET.

For the Raw Material component of the protection service tariff, ARERA has chosen the PSV price estimates developed by a foreign competitor of Alba Soluzioni at 5.30pm CET. For this reason the PSV Alba Soluzioni indices are similar, but not identical to those of the CMEM component.

Value in €/Smc based on a higher calorific value of 38.0 MJ/Smc

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