GeEO Indices

The MAGI gas index for June 2014 is 21.5009 €/MWh.

Published since August 2012 in co-operation with REF-E and TFS Energy, MAGI is calculated as a 70% weighting of all confirmed PSV deals and a 30% weighting of GeEO’s average month ahead PSV price assessment.  The transaction component of MAGI of 21.5170 €/MWh was calculated as the weighted average of 91 transactions representing 4,320 MW of June gas.

At VTP, 108 reported deals representing a record 4,339 MW of June gas produced a transaction based index (IMST) of 20.8895 €/MWh.  The 70/30 weighting of the transaction and quotation indices of 20.8864 €/MWh was 0.61 €/MWh lower than the MAGI index.

Italian month ahead power prices increased from May as 235 trades representing 1,701 MW of June baseload power produced a transaction based index (IMST) of 47.3434 €/MWh.  210 MW was executed on Borsa Italiana’s Idex futures market, 10 MW was executed on GME’s MTE platform and 55 MW was executed on the EEX futures market.  A further 126 MW of OTC trades were “given up” for clearing on EEX.

The implied month ahead spark spread index based on PSV gas and power assessments moved back to positive territory at 3.4399 €/MWh whilst the GR04 spark spread was slightly improved from May’s all-time low.  This month’s quotation based indices and the assessment component of the MAGI index represent the average of the bids and offers published for June in the 19 daily issues of GeEO published in May.

graph 1 jun eng
graph 2 jun eng