“Power Trader”: The heart of the System Explore new markets, new tools, new opportunities… but also Regulation and Compliance!  

The 4th international high level meeting in Athens, “Energy Commodities Conference 2018”, is going to take place on Thursday the 10th of May 2018. Based on the growing interest of attendees each year, ‘Trader’s role’ will be the focus of 2018 Conference along with the new opportunities and challenges arising and the new powerful tools for analysis and forecast that traders have in their disposal. The new environment consists of merging markets, new power exchanges and products co-existing with the current ones, new regulation and struggling compliance. This new exciting business field for power trading firms and its various aspects will be the focus of Energy Commodities Conference 2018.

In addition, the great asset of the Energy Commodities Conference of Athens is its contribution to Executives’ communication, and the great networking opportunities that it provides. The merge of business people coming from mature and (developing? merging) immature markets that take place in Athens the last four years has been the talk of the market. Trading Associations from the CEE and SEE region embraced this event and contributed significantly to its becoming a valuable meeting point once a year.